Updated Support Terms and Lower Prices

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Aug 05

I launched Shaken & Stirred almost four years ago and I couldn’t be happier with its success. An outcome of that success is a lot of dedication and time put into supporting these themes, which I simply cannot keep up with due to other obligations. The support of the themes will continue, providing bug fixes and compatibility updates for future versions of WordPress. One aspect that will be changing is customer support, which will no longer be provided with new purchases. Since customer support is no longer part of a theme sale, all theme prices have been lowered. To reiterate, theme updates will continue and you will still receive these for free.

Documentation is provided for all themes and I’ve tried to make all themes as self-explanatory as possible. Below are some resources that will help you setup WordPress and Shaken & Stirred themes:

Theme documentation:

WordPress Documentation:


Shaken & Stirred is partnered with WerkPress, a WordPress customization shop that offers full design and development services for changes requested to an S&S theme. You can contact WerkPress via this form.