Updated Support Terms and Lower Prices

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Aug 05

I launched Shaken & Stirred almost four years ago and I couldn’t be happier with its success. An outcome of that success is a lot of dedication and time put into supporting these themes, which I simply cannot keep up with due to other obligations. The support of the themes will continue, providing bug fixes and compatibility updates for future versions of WordPress. One aspect that will be changing is customer support, which will no longer be provided with new purchases. Since customer support is no longer part of a theme sale, all theme prices have been lowered. To reiterate, theme updates will continue and you will still receive these for free.

Documentation is provided for all themes and I’ve tried to make all themes as self-explanatory as possible. Below are some resources that will help you setup WordPress and Shaken & Stirred themes:

Theme documentation:

WordPress Documentation:


Shaken & Stirred is partnered with WerkPress, a WordPress customization shop that offers full design and development services for changes requested to an S&S theme. You can contact WerkPress via this form.


Terms of Support for 2012

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Dec 27

Updated terms of support as of August 7, 2012. (http://shakenandstirredweb.com/1543/lower-prices-and-a-change-in-model) At Shaken & Stirred Web we’re committed to providing kick-ass WordPress products. In order to focus more attention on creating new, unique and killer themes, while also updating existing themes with new features and functionality, we’re revising our terms of support. The revised terms of support is more of a clarification to what we consider theme support, rather than a revision. We’re still committed to helping customers get the most out of our themes and assisting them when they run into trouble getting a theme of ours working as it was intended to work. We’ll be more than happy to provide support if you experience issues getting one of our themes setup or are receiving error messages related to the theme.

Sometimes a theme is purchased with the intention to use it for something the theme isn’t necessarily meant for — a portfolio theme isn’t necessarily a perfect fit for a magazine theme. Sometimes you may want to change the layout of a theme that goes beyond what’s capable through a theme options panel. This is perfectly fine and understandable at times, however this goes beyond the scope of what we believe theme support encompasses. Beginning in 2012, we’ll no longer provide support for theme customization topics and will instead refer you to our customization request form, which we launched back in August of this year. The customization request form is for customers who are looking to have the customizations done for them by a third-party WordPress developer. If you’re a WordPress developer and would like to make the theme customizations yourself but need assistance figuring out something about the theme, you’ll need to dig into the theme code. All of our themes follow WordPress coding standards and the best resource for our theme code is the WordPress documentation.

To reiterate, free theme support for our paid themes isn’t going anywhere. If you’re having trouble getting a theme of ours to work as it’s described, send us an email through our support form and we’ll help you out. However, customization support does not equal theme support, and in order to focus more time into creating more kick-ass products for you, customization advice will no longer be provided beginning in 2012.

Broken Vimeo Embeds

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Oct 14

A recent change to Vimeo’s API has broken the way WordPress handles the auto-embed of their videos. This isn’t a theme issue and is being addressed by the WordPress team. As a temporary fix, until a WordPress update or a better solution from Vimeo is made available, you can download and install this plugin.

Update: A few users have e-mailed me and said that the Vimeo embeds will only work with links formatted like http://vimeo.com/video_ID_here (without the www. part). As I said above, the plugin is a temporary fix until a WordPress update comes out that addresses this issue.

shaken grid 2

Shaken Grid Premium 2.0

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Sep 12

It’s been almost one year since the premium version of Shaken Grid was released to the public. It has evolved over time through design as well as functionality, and 2.0 is the biggest evolution so far. Below are some of the major additions and changes made in Version 2.0. For a full list of changes, view the changelog. To see the changes before updating or purchasing, check out the theme demo.

Smartphone Optimized

This is our first theme that utilizes a responsive design, meaning it is now fully optimized for smartphones. We plan on making our other themes responsive over time, and all future themes will be as well. Unlike some websites with mobile versions, this theme will not hide any of your content. Instead, it adjusts the design to place a heavier emphasis on the most important sections, while still displaying all of your site content (like the sidebar).

Redesigned Single Post Page

One thing that we have been wanting to do for awhile is to give the single post pages a fresher look. In Version 2.0 we have done exactly that. We’ve move the post content and comments  section inside of the same box as the featured images and videos and made some other minor design changes. We’re a lot happier with this design and hope you are as well.

Social Bartender Support

Version 2.0 now comes with Social Bartender support built-in. This means you can install the Social Bartender plugin and add your own social network links to the header without touching any code.

Updating Your Theme

If you are using an older version of Shaken Grid Premium and update to Version 2.0, you should regenerate your images using the “Regenerate Thumbnails” plugin. This will resize your images to reflect the new image dimensions.

To download this update, use the original download link that was e-mailed to you when you made your purchase.


Get social with “Social Bartender”

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Sep 08

We’re proud to announce the release of our first official WordPress plugin, “Social Bartender”. Social Bartender adds a new settings page where you can create a list of social network links and place them anywhere you want with one little function or widget. We built Social Bartender to compliment our themes and extend our theme options panel, allowing us to add functionality via a plugin and allow our users to add links for whatever social network they’re a part of and use whatever icons that they’d like.

In the coming weeks we’ll be updating all of our themes to support Social Bartender straight out of the box. For now, you can use the widget that comes with the plugin to add the icons to your theme.

Social Bartender is available for free in the WordPress repository, and more information can be read on its plugin website.

We’ve partnered with WerkPress!

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Aug 26

We’re happy to announce that we have partnered with WerkPress in order to take care of all customization requests you may run into while using our themes. Sometimes users need to make customizations to our themes that go beyond the scope of support that we’re able to provide, those requests will now be handled by WerkPress who offer full design and development services.  They are familiar with our themes, and are highly capable of making custom changes.

To fill out a customization request, please visit our new Customization page.

Recent Downtime

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Jun 15

Some of you may have attempted to visit our website today, or may have experienced error messages displaying on your website that mentioned something about WP_Error(). First off, we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused, and can promise that this will not happen again.

These problems stemmed from our recent switch to a new web host and some issues with our DNS records (the settings that tell your web browser where our website is located). We believe we have squashed all of these bugs and are now back to normal.

Things you should know:

  • We have released an update to all of our premium themes that addresses the WP_Error() message. You can update by using the original download link that was e-mailed to you.
  • If you tried e-mailing us today, we may not have received your e-mail. To be safe, please send it again.
  • The best way to receive information from us is on Twitter: @shakenweb