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Do you need to accept payments online for invoices or send quotes to potential clients? Are you tired of paying a monthly fee to do this online through 3rd party services, or worse yet, sending the invoices as an attachment in an e-mail? Shaken Invoice was created to address those issues plus others.

Purchase the premium version and receive additional features and functionality:

  • Export invoices and quotes to a CSV file
  • View visual statistical graphs based on the invoices and quotes you’ve sent
  • Additional payment gateways
  • Multiple color scheme options
  • A theme options panel that allows you to upload your own logo and customize the color of certain elements.
  • Free theme support

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Creating Invoices and Quotes

The main focus of Shaken Invoice is its ability to accept payments (via Paypal) through your own website and have the invoice automatically marked as “Paid” upon success.  In addition to invoicing capabilities, you’re also able to create a “Quote”, which you can send to your client and they can approve it directly from your website. After the client approves the quote, you receive an automated notification e-mail. After you complete that particular project, you can go back in and simply change the quote into an invoice and send it off to receive payment. We wanted to make getting paid as easy as possible for you, and we hope you like it.

Managing Clients

Shaken Invoice allows you to store client information, such as their company name, address, phone number, e-mail, and VAT number. When you create an invoice or quote you can simply select what client it’s for and the theme will fill in the rest for you. You can even send an e-mail to the client with a link to the invoice directly from WordPress.


Shaken Invoice takes care of security for you automatically. The URL’s that are created for each invoice and quote is encoded in a way that would be nearly impossible for someone to guess. This prevents unwanted users from viewing sensitive information. If you’d like to add an additional layer of security, you can also password protect each post.

The client dashboard, where a client can view all active and historical invoices and quotes assigned to them, can only be viewed by having the correct Client ID and Client Key, which are automatically set. When a client views an invoice or quote, their Client ID and Key are automatically set as a cookie in their browser so that they can view their dashboard without being nagged by a form requesting that information. When you send an invoice/quote through the admin panel, the client information is also sent along with a link to the invoice/quote.

What This Isn’t

This isn’t your typical WordPress theme. This theme was made strictly with the idea of creating invoices/quotes and managing clients in mind. You can create your own pages, but blogging functionality is not built in, so please keep that in mind before making your purchase.


Please note: Tech support is not included with this purchase

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Upgrade to the Premium Version

A premium version of this theme is available. Premium versions offer higher customizability, theme support, and many more features than lite themes.